Welcome to the website of the world’s first decentralized country– ethically & ecologically-based.

We’re just getting started and organized, so much of the content, including external links, are missing and/or need to be reorganized and so forth, but feel free to make yourself at home and return anytime. You might find something you like, or have an idea, comment, question or more.

You might also want to join us.

If so, by all means, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

The concept of Permaea is as the world’s first decentralized, trans-local, or ‘glocal’, laterally-hierarchic, ethically and ecologically-based country of a multitude of freely-associating communities, groups and individuals with this common ethic– essentially, care of Earth and care of people, and their results put to their support, in a recursive, self-reinforcing feedback.

It is a kind of evolutionary response that is practically antithetical to the current status-quo– the ‘large-scale centralized nation-state corporate-plutarchic crony-capitalist global-industrial pseudoeconomic system’ (call it what you will) that is in the process of threatening the well-being and survival of many species, including humans, while pushing the planet’s climate and ecosystems out of balance.

Permaea already exists in the people and groups that simply oppose the current setup and how it’s wrecking everything. So it is an effort, in large part, to bring everyone, who are essentially on the same page, but acting relatively separately, together.

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